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That’s not funny

An amusement park can be the best (or worst) investment of your life. It all depends on its profitability. Don’t base your dreams on guesswork.

That’s not funny

There are many things you cannot leave to chance when designing an amusement park. The sizing, the concept, attraction choice, timing, and safety are all issues that are taken into great consideration by investors, planners, and operators.

Many developers forget that all these fundamental issues have one overriding common goal: the profitability of the amusement park.

Our work has taken us all over the world over the years, and we have noticed that what is often missing is a scientific approach to flow management, i.e. how people move around the park to satisfy their need for entertainment.

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We have developed a specific software that allows us to mathematically verify the design choices inherent in the visitor flows through the park.

Think about it for a second: what is the purpose of all the individual activities that go into creating an amusement park if not to make the park a profitable investment?

Straight from our desks, a guide to avoiding the most common and painful mistakes that can be made in the design, implementation, and management of an amusement park.

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